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5 Ways to Boost Your Salary in 2013

1. Enhance your education. Few things can impact your salary like earning a higher degree. In almost any field, information is changing rapidly, and staying current is crucial to enhancing your value to your employers. In addition to updating your proficiency, furthering your education will show a high level of commitment to your chosen field. In many cases, you can continue working while attending night school or online classes, and your employer may be willing to provide financial assistance. Getting information on advancing your education is the first step

2. Test the market. Things may have changed significantly since the day you were hired. Your skills and experience may be in much higher demand, and that demand means more pay. Research your job on our website to find out how your salary compares with the range and median for your profession. Check several job listings sites to find out what opportunities exist outside your company. The pay you made when you started is nearly irrelevant, it’s your current market value that counts.

3. Make your work more visible. You already work hard, you deserve to be rewarded for it. Volunteer for projects that will make your boss look good, share your projects with your superiors when you finish them, and push your name into the spotlight. It’s also a good idea to make a list of your responsibilities within the company and find ways to expand it. Employers love when you jump at the chance to take on more responsibility, and it gives you the chance to shine.

4. Ask for it. In many ways this goes hand in hand with number three because the more valuable you seem to your company, the smoother this meeting will go. The fact is, many employers are too busy to notice a disparity between the work you do and what you’re compensated. In many cases they may agree to a raise immediately, especially if they risk losing your skills and work ethic to a competitor. Be respectful and give reasons that support your request, and you may just get it!

5. Earn additional certifications and accreditations. Many employers will consider additional related certifications a plus, and are willing to pay you for your expertise. Find out which ones apply to your field and what you’ll have to do to earn them. Consider approaching your employer beforehand to discuss your idea. They may even be willing to cover the cost of the training. Remember, you’re a valuable asset to them, and they want to keep you sharp and happy!

Business Careers

Accountant / Actuary / Advertising Account Manager / Advertising Copywriter / Advertising Creative Director / Auditor / Bank Teller / Brand Management / Budget Analyst / Business Administration / Claims Adjuster / Commercial Banking / Corporate Finance / Cost Estimator / Economics / Financial Analysts & Personal Financial Advisors / Financial Management / Human Resources Associate / Insurance Agent / Insurance UnderwriterInvestment Banking / More ->

Health Careers

Audiologist / Cardiovascular Technician and Technologist / Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / Chiropractor / Clinical Laboratory Technologist / Dental Assistant / Dental Hygienist / Dentist / Dietitian / EMT & Paramedic / Gerontology / Health Administration / Massage Therapist / Medical Administrative Assistant / Medical Assistant / Medical Billing and Coding / Medical Office Manager / Medical Records and Health Information Technician / Medical Sonographer / Medical Transcriptionist / Nuclear Medicine Technology / More ->

Education Careers

Adult Literacy and Remedial and Self-enrichment Education / College Professor / Education Administrators / English as a Second Language Teacher / K-12 Teacher / Special Education Teacher / Teacher’s Assistant and Aide

Technology Careers

Computer Information Systems Manager / Computer Programmer / Computer Security / Database Administrator and Specialist / Drafting / Game Designer / Mathematician / Statistician

Media Careers

Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician / Graphic Designer / Language Interpreter and Translator / News Analyst, Reporter, and Correspondent / Photographer / Public Relations Specialist / Television, Video, and Motion Picture Camera Operators and Editors / TV, Radio and Sports Announcer / Writing and Editing

Legal Careers

Corrections Officer / Court Reporter / Judicial Worker / Lawyer and Attorney / Legal Assistant / Paralegal / Police, Detectives, DEA and INS / Private Investigator & Detective /
Probation Officer / Security Guard

Manufacturing Careers

Assembly and Fabrication / Food-Processing / Machinist / Millwright / Printing Machine / Operator / Textile, Apparel and Furnishings / Tool and Dye Maker / Welding, Soldering, and Brazing / Woodworker

Maintenance Careers

Aircraft, Avionic and Airplane Technicians and Mechanics / Appliance Repair / Auto Body Repair / Auto Mechanics and Technicians / Coin, Vending and Amusement Machine / Service and Repair / Computer, Automated Teller, and Office Machine Repair / Diesel Mechanics and Technicians / Electrical and Electronics Technicians, Installers and Repairers / Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installation and Repair / General Maintenance and Repair / Gunsmithing / HVAC Technician / Precision Instrument and Equipment Repair / Radio and Telecommunications Equipment Installation and Repair / Small Engine Repair and Mechanics

Engineering Careers

Aerospace Engineer / Agricultural Engineer / Biomedical Engineer / Chemical Engineer / Civil Engineer / Computer Hardware Engineer / Computer Software Engineer / Electrical and Electronics Engineer / Environmental Engineer / Industrial, Health, and Safety Engineer / Materials Engineer / Mechanical Engineer / Mining and Geological Engineer / Nuclear Engineer / Petroleum Engineer

Administrative Careers

Administrative Assistant / Administrative Services Manager / Communication Equipment Operator / Customer Service / Data Entry and Information Processing / Desktop Publishing / Executive Assistant / Librarian / Receptionist / Secretary

Transportation Careers

Air Traffic Controller / Aircraft Pilot / Bus Driver / Flight Attendant / Taxi Driver / Truck Driver

Management Careers

Business Manager / Distribution Channel Management / Engineering and Natural / Sciences Manager / Funeral Director / General Manager / Industrial Production / Management / Management Consultant / Materials Manager / Medical and Health Manager / Health Services Managers / Office Manager / Property and Real Estate Management / Purchasing Manager

Sales Careers

Counter & Rental Clerks / Demonstrators, Product Promoters, and Models / Insurance Sales Agent / Retail Sales / Sales Engineer / Sales Supervisor

Construction Careers

Boiler Maker / Brick Masons, Block Masons and Stone Masons / Carpenter / Carpet, Floor and Tile Installation / Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing / Construction Equipment Operator / Construction Laborer / Construction Management / Construction, Building and Electrical Inspection / Drywall Construction Installation / Electrician / Elevator / Construction / Glazier / Hazardous Materials Removal / Insulation Workers / Landscaping / Plasterer and Stucco Mason / Plumber / Roofer / Structural and Reinforcing Iron and Metal Worker

Hospitality Careers

Chef, Cooking and Food Preparation / Food Service Manager, Executive Chef and General Manager / Hotel & Lodging Management / Travel Agent / Waitress and Bartending

Professional Careers

Acting, Producing and Directing / Bridal Consultant / Dance and Choreography / Entertainment and Sports / Fashion Designer / Fashion Merchandising / Interior Designer / Decorator / Jewelry Designer / Music and Singing / Personal Trainer / Sports, Athetics, Coaching / Wedding Planner

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