15 Kids Who Are Way Richer Than You

Remember being a kid? How $10 felt like a fat stack and $100 seemed like a million? Well, these 15 kids cannot identify. Prepare to feel outrageously underpaid.  These kids are rich

15. Angus Jones, 17: Two and a Half Men

NET WORTH: $10 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: As the “Half” in Two and a Half Men, Angus is the highest paid kid on TV.  He’s had the role since he was 10, and now makes $250,000 per episode.

WHAT’S NEXT: Jones wants to go to college, but isn’t sure if he wants to continue acting after “Men.”  With a $10 million bankroll at such a young age, can you blame him?

14. Jaden Smith, 12: The Karate Kid

NET WORTH: $8 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: Jaden’s hit the scene in 2006 alongside his father, Will Smith, in The Pursuit of Happyness. This year, his fame and bank account blew up with the 2010 smash The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan.

WHAT’S NEXT: His next acting project is Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never (see #2 on this list), followed by Amulet in 2012 with his sister, Willow.  Do we have a new Fresh Prince?

13. The Jackson Kids, 8, 12, 13: Michael Jackson

NET WORTH: $33 Million Each

HOW THEY MADE IT: At the time of his tragic death, the King of Pop was worth an estimated $300 million.  Via trust fund, Prince (13), Paris (12), and Blanket (8) will receive a combined 40% of his estate.

WHAT’S NEXT: As future MJ merchandise sales help fortunes grow, Prince and Paris have vowed to reclaim Neverland Ranch as a shrine for their father and make it a “community park and center for animals.”  What sweethearts.

12. Rico Rodriguez, 12: Modern Family

NET WORTH: $4 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: Rico makes $20,000 per episode to play the bold and hilarious Manny on ABC’s Modern Family. At the age of six, he moved to LA to support his sister’s acting dream, but he ended up in the spotlight.

WHAT’S NEXT: Though there’s plenty of life left in his current role, he’d dreams of someday playing an action role with Tobey Maguire in a Die Hard type movie.

11. Miranda Cosgrove, 17: iCarly

NET WORTH: $7 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: As the star of Nickelodeon’s iCarly sinse 2007, Miranda earns $180,000 per episode.  Her success carries off screen, as she signed with Neutrogena as a child ambassador in February 2010.

WHAT’S NEXT: She would love to attend New York University, but her father wants her to stay nearby LA at his alma mater, USC.  Even celebrity kids have to deal with the parental units.

10. Fatima Ptacek, 10: Fasion Model

NET WORTH: $1 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: Fatima makes $250,000 a year modeling for Ralph Lauren, Benetton, and The Gap.   She’s starred in over 50 television commercials and even appeared on Saturday Night Live and alongside Michelle Obama on Sesame Street.

WHAT’S NEXT: Along with modeling, the “Princess of New York” is the’s 15th ranked gymnast in New York state and dreams of someday competing in the Olympics.

9. Nick Jonas, 18: Jonas Brothers

NET WORTH: $12 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: Discovered at 6, hit broadway at 7, signed a record deal at 11; this kid is the poster child for success.  In 2005, brothers Joe and Kevin signed on and began selling out shows across the country.

WHAT’S NEXT: Nick continues to write chart topping singles and star in musicals, and has added film and television to his resume.  On a personal note, Nick also wears a purity ring, pledging abstinence until marriage.  Now that’s sacrifice.

8. Selena Gomez, 18: Wizards of Waverly Place

NET WORTH: $4 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: This girl is busy.  Since her TV career debut on Barney at age 7, she’s tacked on music (lead singer, The Scene), movies (Beezus), philanthropy (UNICEF ambassador), and entrepreneurship (film production).  In her current role on Wizard, she makes $30,000 per episode.

WHAT’S NEXT: She is in the process of launching her own fashion line, “Dream Out Loud”, which will feature eco-friendly, bohemian clothing.  How does she do it?

7. The Sprouse Twins, 18: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

NET WORTH: $16 Million

HOW THEY MADE IT: Dylan and Cole first starred as Julian (a.k.a. Frankenstein) in Big Daddy.  Nowadays, they earn $40,000 per episode as the heartthrobs of Disney.  They’ve appeared on the cover of People and started their own clothing line and publishing company.

WHAT’S NEXT: With their Disney tenures coming to an end, both brothers have been accepted to NYU and will begin their studies in the fall of 2011.  You can bet they’ll have fun.

6. Tyler James Williams, 18: Everybody Hates Chris

NET WORTH: $1.2 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: Tyler plays the childhood version of Chris Rock, and he plays it well.  The show has received rave reviews, and was chosen for syndication in 2009, which means that royalties, and notoriety, will continue to pour in.

WHAT’S NEXT: Williams will make his move into film in the 2011 comedy We the Peoples. He still hasn’t bought his first car and is trying to decide what college to attend.  With unlimited options for both, he virtually can’t go wrong.

5. Abigail Breslin, 14: Little Miss Sunshine

NET WORTH: $12 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: Abigail began acting at age 3, got her first major role in Signs at 6, and at 14 she’s already been in 16 movies.  Despite making over $2 million per movie, her allowance is just $13 per week, which she uses for jewelry and CD’s.

WHAT’S NEXT: Her next project is the star-studded New Years Eve (2011).  Despite being 14, she’s already made plans to attend college at NYU, and claims to have already picked her apartment and roommate.  What a forward thinker!

4. India Rose James, 18: Granddaughter

NET WORTH: $58 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: When English pornography publisher Paul Raymond passed in 2008, India and her sister Fawn became the primary beneficiaries of his billion dollar estate.

WHAT’S NEXT: On her 21st birthday India will receive $230,000, and the rest will be held in a trust fun until she’s 25, when she will become one of Britain’s richest women.   She and Fawn plan to use the riches for charity projects.  Making up for all that porn are we?

3. Dakota Fanning, 16: War of the Worlds

NET WORTH: $16 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: Showing extreme maturity at a very young age, Dakota starred in major films like as Man on FireWar of the Worlds, and Charlotte’s Web, earning over $4 million per film.  But how much allowance does she get?  “$0 a week,” she says.  “My parents want me to help because I want to.”

WHAT’S NEXT: She will continue her role as Jane Volturi in the ongoing Twilight saga.  She says she loves playing an evil character since it’s different from her previous roles.  She will also attend college, but is not sure where.

2. Justin Beiber, 16: My World 2.0

NET WORTH: $25.5 Million

HOW HE MADE IT: Born to a single mother in Ontario, Canada, Beiber taught himself piano, drums, trumpet and guitar. At 13, he began posting covers on YouTube.  He was spotted by Usher, and the rest is history.  Today, he pulls in over $300,000 per concert.

WHAT’S NEXT: 16 year old Beiber is perfectly positioned for a long career in superstardom.  His MTV film, Never Say Never, is set to release this February.  Both his popularity, and his net worth, are set to explode.

1. Miley Cyrus, 18: Hannah Montana

NET WORTH: $120 Million

HOW SHE MADE IT: Smiley Miley rose to fame as Hannah Montana, the Disney kid with a double life.  In 2009, Hannah Montana: The Movie earned $34 million in just one weekend!  Along with TV, film, and music, she now has her own Walmart clothing line.

WHAT’S NEXT: Miley is in the process of transitioning her image into adulthood.  In May, she announced that she’ll be passing up college to focus on her career.  And when you’ve banked $120 million before legal adulthood, you can do that.

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