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HigherSalary.com is a central clearing house of information intended to show you many different channels and options to help you move up to higher levels of income.

You can increase your value as an employee and earn a higher salary from your present employer.  Information in our pages can also teach you to expand your options and see what else you might do other than continue working for your present employer.  Could you be better off with some other company, working in some other field, or working for yourself?

My background is varied and includes corporate and regional management positions with large national corporations.  For the last twenty-five years I was an executive search recruiter working with multi-national corporations doing management searches all over the United States and in foreign countries.

My experience as a recruiter taught me what a company values in an employee.  It also showed me how a person can maximize his or her income.

What you will find on our site is intended to help you formulate plans, make positive changes in your situation and then move more quickly “up the ladder” toward your financial goals.   Many others have found this information to be useful.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message through our “Contact” page.   We will be happy to hear from you.

A word from our managing team

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