Administrative Services Manager Salary

As any business owner knows, there are innumerable facets involved with the running of a company. Especially with larger enterprises, high levels of organization and management must be achieved in order for the company to run smoothly. Administrative service managers assist the company in operating efficiently by keeping numerous aspects of the business in order.

There are hundreds of roles that an administrative service manager might be asked to fill. The specific jobs of administrative service managers vary as greatly as the different companies that they may be asked to work for, but overall, these managers enjoy high levels of responsibility, some freedom and creativity in their operations planning, and excellent opportunities for advancement.

Salary Overview

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest ten percent of administrative service managers earn less than $37,430 per year, and the middle fifty percent earn between $52,240 and $98,980 annually. The top ten percent of administrative service managers earn in excess of $129,770 per year. The median annual wage is roughly $73,520.*

*According to the BLS,

Many people choose a career as an administrative service manager because of its promising opportunities for advancement. After securing a job as an administrative manager, one can continue to climb the corporate ladder to even higher profile and higher paying jobs. However, this field of work is not easy to get into, and competition is expected to be quite fierce for administrative service managers in the coming years.

Job Description and Outlook

The specific responsibilities asked of an administrative service manager will vary greatly from company to company. For instance, a very small company would likely have only one administrative service manager to oversee all of its needs, while a larger business would employ multiple administrative service managers, assigning each one to his or her own individual department.

One important aspect that companies have to deal with is the purchase and sale of products. These companies will employ one or more administrative service managers to organize and oversee all transactions, including keeping records of sales and purchases, preparing a product or service for sale, negotiating with buyers or sellers on the product’s price, overseeing packaging and shipping processes, and more. It is the administrative service manager’s job to ensure that the company gets the most out of these transactions as possible. Administrative service managers must also make sure that these purchases and sales are performed efficiently, and that all deadlines are met.

A very different role that administrative service managers might be asked to fill has to do with the upkeep and order of the business’s facilities. Administrative service managers oversee the building’s organization and structure, making sure that everything operates in an energy efficient, time efficient, and money efficient manner. For instance, an administrative service manager might order the purchase of energy efficient lighting in a warehouse. They might reorganize the layout of an office to make it more accessible. Administrative service managers ensure that a business’s facilities are coordinated in the best way possible for the company’s individual needs.

Finally, administrative service managers are responsible for their company’s safety measures. These managers must be aware of all government safety regulations and ensure that these regulations are being followed. Administrative service managers also will oversee the implementation of the most up-to-date safety equipment and procedures.

The job outlook for an administrative service manager is expected to be very competitive. The amount of available jobs is estimated to increase at about twelve percent through the year 2018, which is a normal growth pace, but an enormous influx of graduates looking for a career in this field is expected to emerge. *

*According to the BLS,

Training and Education Requirements

Because the responsibilities of administrative service managers vary so greatly, education requirements vary greatly as well. For small businesses, sometimes only a high school diploma is needed. However, the vast majority of administrative service managers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a pertinent field of study. Appropriate degrees would include accounting, engineering, architecture finance, or business administration. Again, the specific type of degree that would be ideal for a position as an administrative service manager would depend on this manager’s responsibilities at his or her place of work. In order to advance beyond the position of administrative service manager, a master’s degree is almost always necessary.


Certification is not available for all administrative service managers. (For managers specifically responsible for the company’s facilities, the International Facility Management Association offers a certification program to increase skill levels and improve techniques.) To impress prospective employers, aspiring administrative service managers should rely on an excellent education and a strong work ethic that will help them to rise above the pack. The more extensive an education that one receives, the better opportunities he or she will have in this career.

Professional Associations

There are a number of professional associations available for the benefit of administrative service managers. These associations are generally based specific roles that an administrative service manager might fill. For instance, administrative service managers in charge of the upkeep of a business’s facilities could participate in the International Facility Management Association to learn about new, innovative ideas concerning their field of work. The Association of Professional Office Managers is another organization that will help administrative service managers to continually improve their skills.

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