April Link Round-Up

There have been some great posts produced by other career bloggers lately. All of these sites are fantastic, check them out!:

Do Just One Thing Differently – J.D. wrote a nice post on how committing to one small change everyday can change everything. I really enjoy his perspective on expanding the impact of the experiment, too. (Get Rich Slowly)
Follow Your Passion – Baker writes on the importance of finding your unique strengths and following what you feel genuinely passionate about. (Man Vs. Debt)
How to Focus Your Energy – Penelope wrote a great post on how to give attention to those things that are truly the most important in life. (Penelope Trunk)
How LinkedIn Pages Can Help Your Job Search – Check out Lindsey’s post on using a company’s LinkedIn information page to learn about a company you’re considering applying or interviewing for. She points out that these pages are a great source of centralized information and can prevent being unprepared. (Lindsey Pollak)
How to Find Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities – Maggie wrote an interesting piece on how to avoid dead end work at home opportunities and find truly legitimate ones. She also offers a few services who list quality work prospects. (Maggie Mistal)

Read up and let the good feeling of spring propel your career advancement!

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