3 Billionaire Career Lessons for Today’s Employee


Do you know what it takes to become a billionaire in today’s dog-eat-dog employment world? You might feel like you don’t even know how to get promoted, let alone end up making heaps of money. However, with the right advice and billionaire career lessons, you could significantly improve your odds at success. It’s by seeking out inspiration from others that one stands to improve their prospects and get ahead, isn’t it?

Recently, Forbes Magazine ran an article on Abigail Johnson, the President of Financial Services at Fidelity Investment. In that article, Johnson, who is one of the most powerful CEOs in all of the United States and the richest woman in the country, imparted the seven most important billionaire career lessons, irrespective of one’s current level, field of work, or aspirations. We’re bringing you three of those lessons ourselves, as a source of inspiration for your professional endeavors.

Rise up to the challenges, all day everyday

Many employees tend to find themselves settling, especially as they advance in their career track and feel they have reached a place of relative comfort, both hierarchically and financially. According to Johnson, it’s very important to never settle. That’s because the work field is dynamic – on the one hand, you might have arrived at a place you feel comfortable. On the other, however, the organization you are a part of is constantly changing. New talent is always being brought on board and employees who are lower in rank than you might be taking a more motivated approach. They are setting challenges and contributing to an atmosphere of competitiveness. In order to rise to the situation, one of our top billionaire career lessons is that you should always accept challenges and meet them.

The best billionaire career lessons come from your intuition

Keeping a level head and a rational attitude on the job is always a good idea, especially in today’s world which favors rationalistic approaches and arguments. However, one must never downplay the importance of the proverbial ‘gut instinct’. In fact, Abigail Johnson encourages those interested in her billionaire career lessons to get to know themselves and hone their instincts in order to best benefit from them. They will certainly come in handy in limit situations, or in scenarios in which taking the right decision might seem complicated. In other words, when the input is coming from so many sources it becomes confusing, always trust that small inner voice to guide you in the direction that is best suited for you and your needs. Otherwise, you might end up following a certain piece of career advice that was well intended and spoke of someone else’s reality, but proved irrelevant for you.

Communication is essential

It might sound like a truism, but the fact of the matter is that one’s career will often see such twists and turns that knowing how to adapt will become the top priority. In situations such as those, it’s essential to know how to communicate with those around you. For instance, after being promoted, you will experience a shift in communication needs, to which you will have to respond with a new communication mode. A position of more responsibility involves the need to know how to communicate with different groups of employees, which often range from novices to middle management, to high-ranking CEOs. It’s best advised to be clear in intent and deliberate in communication style, in order to make sure you are addressing everyone’s concerns and priorities – including your own. Also, task delegation and progress management become important in such a situation, but also in any other type of exceptional scenario or crisis event.

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