We All Have 3 Basic Career Paths to Choose. How Do We Decide?

Navigating career paths seems like an overwhelming task nowadays, no matter what professional niche you’re in. There is so much information, opportunities that seem endless but contradictory, a wealth of advice and career coaching that goes in widely different directions, and so on. [Read more…]

Twitter Jobs Now Offer a Record Setting Paid Parental Leave

Parental leave is technically a basic human and citizen right, but its paid forms are becoming more and more of a luxury in the current work field. It usually falls on employers whether they want to offer an extended paid parental leave, and since many small and medium companies are already struggling to survive on the harsh market, very few of them are generous in this department. [Read more…]

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Now Includes Spousal Surcharge

The paradise of employer sponsored health insurance for otherwise insured spouses is reaching its end. If up until this moment, the spouse of a well-insured person was happy to enjoy some of the benefits which came from their partner’s health insurance, this won’t be such an affordable option anymore. The newest healthcare trends in the world of insurance business are moving towards making employers refuse to extend their insurance plans to their employee’s spouses, due to a new spousal surcharge. [Read more…]

Investment 101: Using a ROI Calculator and ROI Formula

Are you interested into trying your hand to some small-scale investments of your personal finances? That’s a wonderful way to expand your portfolio and personal expanses. Even higher education facilities such as the Harvey Mudd college offer ROI for their students and investors. First of all, you should know that’s a very good idea, since your personal earnings can only get you so far. Second of all, the world of investments may seem a little intimidating at first if you’re a beginner, but we will walk you through the basics of what you need to know. Today’s post will give you all the required details about the return on investment (ROI), the ROI formula and all you need to know about using a ROI calculator. [Read more…]

The 5 Best Career Paths for Grads Following Graduation

Recent graduates often have a hard time finding career paths that suit their needs. It can take time to establish a strong resume and to decide on an ideal career path. There are, however, some career opportunities and paths that are more beneficial than others for recent graduates. [Read more…]

Top Celebrities Net Worth: How Much They Make or are Worth?

Reality TV and all forms of media coverage on the lives of celebrities often provide us with a peek inside the lives of the rich and the powerful (along with celebrities net worth). The type of curious attraction which these lavish displays cast upon the viewer is strange but perfectly normal if you think about it. Whenever we get a glimpse of how rich the rich truly are, we feel more or less amazed, envious, outraged or proud (depending on how we feel about this celebrity in the first place, probably). In order to slightly change our usual topic from the average salaries of the majority towards the shockingly high net worth of celebrities (or at least some of them), we decided to put together this top. [Read more…]

Discover Bachelors in Business Administration Jobs and Opportunities

The option to pursue a business administration degree has been a steadily popular one among college applicants over the past decade. Part of this specialization’s appeal to the public lies precisely in its appearance of a degree one could land an important job with. While this assumption isn’t necessarily wrong, the field being quite a valuable and needed one, many graduates find themselves wondering: what can you do with a business administration degree? For those of you wondering the same thing, don’t worry: there are plenty of goof bachelors in business administration jobs on the market, and the median salaries for this profession are also pretty impressive. [Read more…]

Elevate Your Job Search with Personal Branding Techniques

In today’s unstable job market, full of limitations and anxiety (but also full of hope and a few choice opportunities), simply looking for a job or applying for one isn’t enough anymore. While you may have heard of personal branding before and dismissed it as a fancy waste of time, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with this concept: you’re going to need to brand yourself professionally as soon as possible. Few things can be more effective in boosting your career than understanding the mechanism of marketing yourself and applying them correctly. Here is all you need to know, in a nutshell. [Read more…]

Are There Benefits to a Tough Job Interview

When you are looking for a job, your main goal is likely to secure a job as easily and rapidly as possible. A tough job interview may sound like a challenge you are just not interested in facing. Sometimes, those difficult interviews feel like they are challenging for no real reason at all. You might find yourself wondering “did the interviewers ask me tough questions just to see me squirm under pressure?” [Read more…]

Top 20 Hilarious Ways To Do NOTHING While Wasting Time at Work

We all have those days when we’d rather be doing anything but actual work, but an office job still requires our presence nonetheless. That is why wasting time at work is, shamefully, one of our favorite workplace activities possible. Here are a few novel ideas on how to waste time work-related and appear to your co-workers (and supervisor) to be powering through your work with a busy day. [Read more…]