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Do you like casinos and glamorous night life scenes? Do you think you could make a good living and lead an interesting life as a gaming manager? Even though it may seem like an unusual job for those with a more conservative view for career options, becoming a gaming manager (also called casino management) can be a solid career choice if you’re interested in it. Casino management services and player entertaining are some of the most interesting jobs to have if you wish to work in the casino industry. Here’s all you need to know about the gaming manager salary and how you can become one.

Overview of a Gaming Manager Salary

Even though it’s not really one of the top paid positions in the country, the job of a gaming manager allows you to make a decent living, especially once you move a bit higher in the hierarchy. The median salary of a gaming service worker (which includes managers but lower positions as well) was $20,210 per year and $9.71 per hour in 2012*, which means that half of all employed gaming service workers earned a bit less than these values and the other half earned a bit more. This median value is a bit lower than the average for all occupations, which was situated at $34,750 for the same year (2012). If you’re wondering how much more or how much less, you can have a hint by looking at the official data for the top earning and lowest earning percentiles: according to the BLS, the lowest earning 10% earned a bit less than $16,530 and the highest earning 10% earned more than $54,830.

The median gaming manager salary as of BLS data from 2012 was $65,220, which is much higher than the median for all game service workers that was presented above. Gaming supervisors also earned a bit more, with a median salary of $49,290 per year.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

Earnings Factors of a Gaming Manager Salary

As you can probably already tell, there can be significant differences between the salaries of gaming service workers. The most important earnings factor (which can influence a change in the salary) is the position in the hierarchy. In other words, if you work as a manager, you will earn more than the other workers in the branch. In 2012*, the median salaries in the game service industries were as follows:

  • $65,220 for a gaming manager;
  • $49,290 for a gaming supervisor;
  • $32,390 for a slot supervisor;
  • $23,490 for all other game service workers;
  • $21,810 for a gaming and sports book writer or runner;
  • $18,630 for a gaming dealer.

Secondary and tertiary earnings factors for a gaming manager salary are the time spent on the job (as the salary may increase with each passing year) and the job performance (doing your job well can lead to bonuses). Also, if you manage to get into casino management, the job can bring you earnings a bit higher than average: a casino manager salary is reportedly around $66,000 per year.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

Gaming Manager Job Description

Since a manager isn’t really your average game service worker, the gaming manager job description involves more complex and high-hierarchy tasks as well. A typical day at the job for a manager will usually mean directing and overseeing all the game operations in their area, to make sure the activities are compliant with the casino’s regulations. They also address and resolve any customer complaints about the service, as well as explain the more complex house and betting rules in case the customers don’t understanding. Last, but not least, a gaming manager must also interview and hire other gaming service workers.

Gaming Manager Outlook

The outlook of the job is promising enough as to not cause insecurities if you’re thinking about making a career in game management: the projected job growth* for this position is 10% for the 2012-2022 time period. That is about as fast as the average for all other occupations (which is 11%). A factor which may influence the job growth for the better is the fact that some states may begin to encourage casinos on their territory more, since the activities in casinos bring them a lot of tax revenue. If this will play out as intended, the number of game establishments may rise in some areas over the next decade, making the data for gaming manager job outlook appear even better.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

Gaming Manager Education Requirements

The good news about the educational requirements for this manager is that you typically don’t really need post secondary education in order to enter this field of work or to be promoted to a management position. This is in part what makes the job prospect so attractive: the promise that you could earn $65,000 a year with no college degree needed. Most gaming jobs only require the applicant hold a high school degree. Some higher end casinos may still ask for a college degree when applying for a manager position. Besides the relaxed educational requirement, all positions within the game service field require excellent customer support and customer service skills.

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