Career Oriented Women, Are You Still Working in a Prejudice – Oriented World?

career oriented women

In today’s world, according to recent data and statistics, for women to still believe that they live and work in a men-driven world, where men are paid better and favored in the job marketplace is not only a mistake, but a self – imposed obstacle in their path to success. It may come as a surprise, but besides some happy stories of women who turned into successful entrepreneurs, all other ladies out there aiming to become career oriented women have to fight only their own prejudice, as the world have changed dramatically and now it’s the time to buckle up and start ruling the world. Starting with negotiating a raise or a better position.

What do the numbers say?

A new Pew Research Center survey and analysis of Census data released at the end of last year shows at least ten mind – blowing trends regarding women’s true place in an ever-changing and cruel working world. We will focus on three of them, as they seem to be the key – features of a lesson all career oriented women need to learn for their self empowerment.

1. Making it to the top is still a reason of concern for women

Young women today are more likely than young men to say women are paid less for doing the same job and men have easier access to top executive jobs.

However, research shows that all women, no matter their age, want a secure job. However, data shows that women are less inclined to ask for raises or to work their way to the top and position themselves to management and executive levels. Indeed, there are signals that being a parent is a decisive factor for women to choose between their personal and professional life, but also the same statistics and success stories also show that women can reach top working positions even as busy mothers.

2. Career oriented women are getting paid better than men

A few years ago, everywhere you looked, you would hear somebody talking about gender gaps in the working marketplace, gender inequity in the U.S., women’s low chances to get paid better or become company managers and execs. This research has shown that

While a significant share of Americans (45%) still think society favors men over women, attitudes have changed considerably in this regard over the past 20 years. When Gallup asked a similar question in 1993, 62% of the public said society favored men over women.

Not a long time ago, Forbes Magazine published an extensive article giving women advice on how not to feel like true impostors, as they are so shattered by the prejudice they are women, and nothing more, that they endanger their own career path and place themselves, willingly, on an inferior position, no matter the company or the business they activate in. So while society might still even believe women are less favored when it comes to their career, other specialists warn women that sometimes they can be their own worst enemies.

3. Bringing the bread to the table – career oriented women’s privilege

We can talk from here on end about success female entrepreneurs who got a lucky break, a brilliant idea, a side – hobby they turned into a profitable business, a network that helped them grow and so on and so forth. But since this world is not solely comprised of the female versions of Bill Gates, Richard Branson or whatever other business man behemoth, there are also women working for no matter what industries, companies or businesses who are bringing the bread to the table, as recently, women make more money than men. The research showed that

Young working women today are also making more money relative to men their age than their mothers and grandmothers did. This is due not only to the rising earnings of women, but also to the falling earnings of men. In 2012, young women earned 93% of the average hourly wage of men the same age.

Is there a future for career oriented women, both satisfying and prejudice – free?

Are these trends going to be maintained in the future? There is a great likelihood that they will. Career oriented women need to step up and claim what is theirs, without falling into the trap of what their mothers or grandmothers had to deal with. Changes in attitudes, behaviors and self – perception are the engines of change. Will the business men feel threatened by the women’s success? If they learned something in the past 50 years, they probably shouldn’t…

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