Glazier Salary

Being a glazier is a rewarding career that offers a different situation with each new work assignment. Those who are glaziers need to have a love of completing projects with their hands, as well as having the ability to manage multiple projects throughout the day. Many people who enter the glaziers profession finds that it is an area that requires a lot of concentration, however is extremely rewarding.

Salary Overview

On average a glazier will make around seventeen dollars per hour. Those on the lower earning end, earned around ten dollars per hours, while some glaziers may make thirty dollars per hour. Those who work as apprentices will earn about half of what a glazier will make. The salary of a glazier will vary depending on many factors. One of those being if the glazier is working for a union or nonunion. The other major factor being the location in which the glazier is employed.*

*According to the BLS,

Job Description and Outlook

A glazier is expected to be able to work with glass in ways that a normal person cannot. They are responsible for cutting, selecting, installing, replacing, and removing all types of glass. On top of working with glass, glaziers may work with other types of materials such as plastics, granite or marble. On most types of jobs, the glass will come directly from factories, ready to be installed. The glaziers responsibility there is to make sure it is installed properly. They may use a variety of tools on the job, such as cranes, to mount the glass. They are expected to work in all types of environments both indoors and outdoors. In addition, glaziers work with many hand tools like handsaws, drills or grinders.

Since glaziers work directly with glass in environments that are very dangerous, there is a higher chance of getting hurt or cut with the glass. Therefore, it is important for glaziers to pay intense attention to what they are doing as well as to the environment around them.

The job outlook for glaziers is expected to increase eight percent between 2008 and 2018. This is average growth when compared to other professions. Since these professions are usually associated with the construction industry there will be times of unemployment, typically during the winter months when new construction jobs are scarce. The job openings will be more widely available in metropolitan areas. For other areas, it may be harder to find a position.*

*According to the BLS,

Training and Education Requirements

There are numerous ways in which someone can begin the route to becoming a glazier. For starters, people can begin work as helpers to a construction industry where they will help a glacier. Over the years, they will move into an apprenticeship. During this time, the person will see a glazier at work and learn these skills from watching. Many apprenticeships allow for the people to practice their cutting on scrap piece of glass to perfect the craft. During the time the person is a helper or apprentice, the construction company made send the person to vocational or technical school to learn more skills. These classes usually take up to three years. However some of those who are glaziers never receive any formal training, just on the job training.

Most states, as of right now, do not require a license to work as a glazier. However, the state of Connecticut does require a license to practice the craft in the state. Florida, also has a license that a person can get. However, it is not mandatory.


There is one type of certifications available for glaziers. For starters, those people who work as apprentice in an organization that is recognized as a formal apprenticeship, upon completion will become certified. Secondly, the National Glass Association offers certifications at three levels, all of which will increase the persons ability to get a job and may increase salary. The National Glass Association offers these levels through written exams that will test the persons understanding of what goes into the works of a glazier. Each level gets progressively difficult with each written exam. The ability to pass all three exams shows that the glazier is one of the most respected and knowledgeable in the field. It may also increase the chances of receiving a higher salary.

Professional Associations

There is only one professional association for glaziers. This is the National Glass Association. The National Glass Association is in place to promote quality work throughout the industry as well as increase the skills and knowledge of glaziers.

Glaziers are valuable members of the construction industry, and that importance will only increase as time passes. These people work side by side with construction workers in both residential and commercial areas. Their expertise in the area makes the job pass by faster as well as pleasing the customer with their significant amount of skills and knowledge about glass, marble or granite.

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