How to Get Promoted in 2013 in 3 Easy Steps

Re-evaluating one’s career and place on the proverbial hierarchical ladder is something most of us do at the end of the year, or early on in the new year. Yet, unbeknownst to most of us, that might be precisely the reason for which we only remain meditative about it – instead of actually getting pro-active and doing something to change our status quo. This is why, for today’s post, we’ve come up with a simple strategy which answers your ‘how to get promoted in 2013’ questions. Simple, it may be, but bear in mind no one said it’s easy. That being said, arm yourself with some resilience, the kind of mind frame that generates change, and a bit of luck. Read on and see what you can do to get ahead, in today’s work field.

1. Invest in your personal brand

Investing in one’s personal brand, contrary to what one may think, is not about shameless plugging of one’s own work, or even about self-promotion. It’s about knowing how to present oneself as a pivotal part of a team – the kind of person that gets the job done and does so quickly and efficiently. If you want to learn how to get promoted in 2013, there is no way you can just sit back, do your job, and then go home. The rules of the game have changed and nowadays, they are usually about coming up with creative solutions to problems, creating a followership among one’s peers and, essentially, becoming a sort of in-house entrepreneur in your own right.

2. Show you can grow

An inflexible ‘set in one’s ways’ kind of attitude never got anybody ahead, but today’s job market is all the more about growth, development, and adaptability. Of course, those may all sound like lovely buzzwords, without much relevance in a hands-on strategy. However, it doesn’t need to be as complicated as that. In order to show a capacity for growth, you need to identify 2 or 3 areas in which you could invest (with training or other forms of education). The main criterion for selecting them is figuring out whether those specific skills could help you get ahead in your chosen career and at your particular work place. If they can, then they should – so go that extra mile to prove you can adapt to new requirements, whether they be social, or skill-related. What this says about you is that you are passionate enough about your job to want to become better at it.

3. Think big!

Yes, we’ve all heard this one before. Also, some of us may be aware of the continuation that this adage comes with: ‘think big, fail bigger’! In 2013, you need to forget all about failure. It’s not that it can’t happen to you: even the best ideas on paper can fail to translate successfully in the real world. However, if you stop for a second and take a look around you, you will start to notice that those who are generating change in the (business) world and making headlines are precisely those who are coming up with big, bold ideas. If they fail, they do fail big, but, generally speaking, they are self-confident enough to take the necessary chances. In 2013 (and, most likely, in the coming few years, too), self-confidence is going to be the most appealing quality that employers look for. There is a simple explanation for this: in times when confidence and trust in general – from consumers, as well as from business people – is a-lacking, it will be up to the best of employees to compensate for this lack. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

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