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Almost every business has the need for a Business Manager. Depending on if the company is a large or small corporation, more than one Manager may be required. A Business Manager must be able to multi- task. There are many jobs daily that a Business Manager will be required to complete. The Business Manager is in charge of leading and directing all of the company employees. They must have excellent people skills and be able to entice new customers to come to the business.

Business Managers must also be highly trained and successful individuals. Furthermore, most Business Managers require a great education. It takes a very smart and talented person to be able to keep up with the high demands of any business today. Business managers are the glue that holds a company together. They are expected to watch over the employees as well as the company they are in charge of at all times.

Salary Overview

There are many different things that determine the salary of a Business Manager. First of all, experience plays a top role. One who has worked in the field for 10 years will obviously make more than one who only has been a Business Manager for 2 years. The type of company that they work for also is a deciding factor on pay. If it is a large government company or a large corporation of some sort, the pay is most likely to be much better.

In addition, the location where the business office is at is also a deciding factor. Larger cities tend to pay more per hour for the same type of job. Also, some states have higher employment wages than others. With that being said, the pay scale for a Business Manager is a wide range of numbers.

Another factor that determines wages is they type of Business Manager that one becomes. Managers in the Medical field tend to make an average of $36,000 to $55,000 per year. On the other hand, Managers in the Operations field average between $46,000 and $83,000. Finally, if one becomes a Business Manager in the Financial Controller area, they can make a shocking $$60,000 to $101,000.*

*According to the BLS,

In conclusion, the last major thing that has an influence on salary is the amount of school and education that a person has had. If you have an Associate’s Degree, you will start at the lower end of the salary range. If you have a Bachelor Degree you will get paid much more; averaging between the two numbers. Additionally, if you have a Master’s Degree you will most likely make wages closer to the top end of the pay scale.

Training and Education Requirements

In order to become a Business Manager you must have a good education. Graduating high school or completing your GED is a requirement. Next you must attend College to work on a degree in Business Management. An Associate’s Degree is the minimum college requirement to become a Business Manager. Many get their Associate’s Degree and return to college to receive a 4 year Bachelor’s degree. This will better their wages, or increase the chance that they will receive a better paying job. Additionally, some Business Management majors return to school to get their Master’s Degree in Business Management. With this education one can acquire top of the line jobs with exceptional wages and benefits.

Job Descriptions and Outlooks

One of the countless jobs of a Business Manager of any type is to hold together and manage a team of employees. In business jobs usually there is a group of people who all work together and play a significant role of running the business. A Business Manager ensures that everyone is carrying out their role of the job. Business Managers are educated to deal with many unique situations, including interpersonal problems. An effective Business Manager will be able to handle any situation in a timely manner.

The Business Manager has a primary position of helping the business grow. They will go beyond their means to make sure that the company they work for or own is successful. A person who becomes a Business Manager will need to be an extremely motivated individual who takes their work seriously. They may have to become stern and demanding while on duty for the work to get completed swiftly. If things are not getting done appropriately in the business it will not be successful and continue to grow. A Business Manager must have brilliant people skills and know how to deal with the public.


There are several certificates that one can receive when they have a Business Management degree. A CBM certificate which stands for Certified Business Manager is one of the possibilities. With this certificate one should be proud to announce that they have met the requirements for Core Management Competencies. This certificate is accepted nationwide at many businesses. Also, one may receive a CABM certificate which is a Certified Associate Business Manager. This certificate will help one to prepare for their degrees in Business Management.

Some colleges offer a certification program for people interested in the field of Business Management. By receiving a certification, one is able to work in the field of Business at only an entry level position. Others may choose to complete their education but return for certificates in different branches of Business Management. Certificates may be offered in Accounting, Medical Office Management, Office Management, Real Estate, and much more. By returning back to school for a certificate, one broadens their range of jobs that they are eligible to apply for. Additionally, one can return to school through their job and obtain certification or job training for a certain department.

Professional Associations

There are many different professional organizations involved in the Business Management Department. Here are a couple of popular Associations of Business.

  • The Association of Professionals in Business Management

This is a professional company working with Business Managers nationwide. They offer training to individuals so that they can receive certificates such as their CBM or CABM. They also instruct and guide Business Management students to be more equipped for their jobs in the field.

  • Professional Association for Business Process Management

Another company involved in the field is the Professional Association for Business Process Management. They are a skilled group of individuals who tutor Business students to further their education. When working with this company, one can obtain a certificate in Business Process Management. This certificate is called The Certified Business Process Professional. When one has certifications along with their degrees they are more likely to be successful.

Business Management is an exceptionally stimulating profession. Every day is a new challenge for the professionals in this business. The workload changes persistently and there are always new tasks available to tackle and perform. Business Managers make superb wages and receive Medical, Dental, and Eye insurance as well. A motivated student should consider a degree in Business Management.

Most popular business careers:

  • Accountant
  • Business Administration
  • Business Manager
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Human Resources
  • Project Manager

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