5 Tips on Acing the Personality Recruitment Test


Personality tests and quizzes used to be fun when you took them in a magazine or online, to kill some time. However, nowadays more and more companies are using them in the recruitment process and many such tests comprise over 200 questions. They’re not light-weight either: their questions are targeted so as to get right to the core of your values, beliefs, and personality traits. According to recruitment managers, they are great predictors for whether or not a new hire will fit in at their new job. The personality recruitment test certainly does not allow for any cheating, say psychology experts, but there are a few tricks you can employ, if you’re vying for success.

#1 Be absolutely honest

The biggest mistake candidates make, when confronted with the personality recruitment test is trying to ‘game’ it. If you’re sitting there, looking at the questions, and wondering what this prospective employer might want to hear from you – you’re doing it all wrong. Of course, you can try your hand at such guesswork, but the point of these tests is to see what kind of position your personality traits recommend you for. The recruiters have a specific profile in mind for a sales manager, and another one altogether for an IT expert. Why ruin your chances at fitting their expectations to a tee by making up a personality you don’t actually have?

#2 Ask all the questions you want

Remember that it’s your right to ask (and be told) what the company’s going to do with your answers to the personality recruitment test. Is the test just a tool they’re using for hiring purposes? Are its results going to stay on a future employee’s permanent file? Either way, you have the right to know and to decide whether or not you’re comfortable with the way in which your results are used.

#3 Relaxing is the true personality recruitment test

One of the biggest challenges, when taking such a test, is to simply relax and be yourself. Sure, that might sound easier said than done, and it could also strike you as a cliché. Then again, if you go back to the first point on our list, you will understand that trying to fabricate your way through it is not the right way to go. So simply relax, look into your true personality and try to answer all the questions truthfully. And, remember: no question has a right and a wrong answer, when it comes to recruitment tests such as these.

#4 ‘So, how did I do?’

The results of personality recruitment tests are forwarded by HR (or the recruitment company you’re applying through) to your employer. Now, during a face-to-face interview and meeting, you’d usually ask for feedback right? You have every right to ask for the same thing in the case of such a written, standardized personality test. You, too, can receive a copy of your profile, but you need to make sure and ask for it right from the get-go. Don’t assume you’re going to receive any feedback or profile if you don’t demand it, since some companies don’t include this on their standard policy.

#5 The right person for the right job

As previously mentioned, the point of any personality recruitment test is to come up with a complete, coherent profile of each applicant. Following the test, the HR employee in charge with overseeing the procedure might decide you are not, in fact, right for the sales position you had initially applied for. However, you might be perfect for another kind of position, such as back office jobs. Make sure to ask the person that administers the test if you would be considered for another job altogether, based on your profile and experience notwithstanding.

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