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Your job will be to figure out what type of clothing your customers will need before they need it as a fashion merchandiser. It is also your job to make sure that all of the stores that you work for are completely stocked with the clothing artifacts that you believe they will need. Since you will need to predict future fashion trends, it may be a smart idea to go to certain fashion shows. By going to fashion shows you will be able to have a heads up on what may be popular in the near future. It may also be a good idea for you to make note of any events that could possibly affect the fashion industry. In addition, a fashion merchandiser will survey different consumers in order to figure out the most popular fashion styles in the industry today.

Salary Overview

The average salary for someone in the fashion merchandising business usually makes anything between twenty five thousand dollars a year and fifty thousand dollars a year. This does not include the bonus, which amounts to anything between one thousand dollars and five thousand dollars. When this is added, the average person in fashion merchandising will usually make anything between twenty six thousand dollars and fifty two thousand dollars. The average person in fashion merchandising will also be able to enjoy medical benefits, dental benefits, and vision benefits.*

If you are in the fashion merchandising business and work in the retail industry, it is possible that you will make anything between forty two thousand dollars a year and sixty six thousand dollars a year. If you work for a department store, you will probably make anything from forty four thousand dollars a year to seventy one thousand dollars a year. If you work in the wholesale distribution industry, you will make anything between forty three thousand dollars and sixty eight thousand dollars. Based on this information you can guess that the amount of money that you make heavily depends on the industry that you work in.*

*According to the BLS,

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Job Description and Outlook

If you are in the fashion merchandising business, you will work with retail management in order to establish and maintain certain financial objectives. It will be your job to work with other buyers and plan each season. In addition, it is your job to obtain the needed articles of clothing that your clients will need.

In order to do this, you will need to analyze the sales trends of your clients. You should also track your client’s success. This will allow you to figure out how effective your fashion plans are going. Another thing that will allow you to do this is the customer feedback that you will need to monitor. Another part of your job is to recommend inventory pricing based on sales reports from the past.

Since you are in the business of fashion merchandising, it will also be your job to purchase fashionable clothing. You will also need to advertise and market all of the latest fashions. You need to make sure that consumers will want to purchase the items that your store is now selling. You may also need to create sore displays.

Employment in the fashion merchandising business is not expected to grow by much. In fact, it is only expected to grow by one percent between the years 2008 and 2018. The growth is because the world’s population is constantly increasing and the demand for fashion has grown.*

*According to the BLS,

Training and Education Requirements

Many employers in the fashion merchandising industry are looking for a person who has a two or four year degree. You must also have knowledge in textiles, fashion trends, and fabrics.

If you wish to work in the fashion merchandising industry, it is important for you to obtain your Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in fashion design. You can combine a fashion design degree with marketing, business, or even a fashion merchandising degree. Of course, if you plan to dive into the fashion merchandising industry, you should obtain a fashion merchandising degree.

Other helpful courses may include courses in sewing and tailoring, fashion history, pattern making, textiles, and color. It may also benefit you if you were to take courses in psychology, human anatomy, and mathematics. Employers also look for people who have had experience by working for retail stores, custom tailors, and personal stylists. This is because you will learn special sales and marketing skills that could greatly benefit you in the future.


Although a certificate is not required in order to become a fashion merchandiser, it can be very beneficial to your career. By taking being a part of the merchandise buying certification program, you could learn to communicate with customers, regulate inventory, work with different vendors, and even control merchandise buying. During this course, you will take courses such as salesmanship, human resource management, and retail merchandising.

Professional Associations

The following professional associations offer help to fashion merchandisers:

  • American Apparel and Footwear Association
  • American Collegiate Retailing Association
  • Color Marketing Group
  • Fashion Group International, Inc
  • International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives
  • International Mass Retail Association
  • National Retail Federation

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