20 Science-Based Tips to Improve Workplace Effectiveness

  1. Before you begin a task, imagine the stereotype of people who excel at that task.
  2. Need to make a complex presentation to your boss? Do it in the morning. Save the fluffy stuff for the afternoon.
  3. Make hand gestures while learning to improve your memory.
  4. Use fictional narratives making a point to become more persuasive.
  5. Hold off on threats unless your negotiation opponent is unresponsive and does not show any negative affect from your points.
  6. Be more persuasive by piling up the evidence in support of your claims.
  7. Use front vowel sounds (long a, e, i) and fricatives (f, s, and z) if your prices to make them seem smaller.
  8. Don’t put yourself into competition with a large number of people because it lowers your motivation.
  9. Present your best product or service first because the order of presentation makes a difference in purchasing behavior.
  10. Make sure some of your products are sold out or unavailable, because it will lead customers to believe your other products are more desirable.
  11. Bring coffee to all your meetings, presentations, and sales calls to become more persuasive and ensure your message sticks.
  12. When negotiating on price, the higher you start, the higher the final price will likely be. The opposite is true for auctions.
  13. Don’t brown nose your boss if you aren’t good at it because it will only work against you.
  14. Avoid name dropping because it makes a bad first impression.
  15. Show anger when you make complaints, especially if your complaint is somewhat dubious.
  16. Work on your networking because it’s the key to finding a job and advancing once you have one.
  17. Use routine to automate as many daily task as possible so they become easier to complete and less taxing on your will power.
  18. Use numbers, whenever possible, when presenting information to your boss.
  19. Let employees control their own work schedule to prevent mental fatigue.
  20. Hire managers who believe that personality traits are malleable because they’ll be better equipped to spot changes in employee productivity.

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