25 St. Patricks Day Drunken Disaster Photos

Tomorrow, millions will flood the streets and bars to celebrate luck, leprechauns, and the color green. Wherever your St Patty’s Day takes you, don’t end up like these guys. Here are 25 St. Patricks Day Drunken Disasters for your viewing pleasure:

Even pretty girls get arrested:

This leprechaun has wet his pants:

Urinal faceplant:

Her day ended early:

Quick nap in the toilet:

Green beer isn’t meant for dogs:

Keep your pants on:

That must be some really hard lemonade:

Super drunk face:

Asleep in the bathroom:

The drunken stumbler:

Half of this will end up on his shirt:

What’s her excuse?:

Remember, pictures last forever:

Sweet pajamas:

Chump or champion?:

Not a very comfortable looking pillow:

Tampon. In the mouth:

Puking in the street:

Leprechauns are subject to the law, too:

A new way to smoke?:

Beer bottle silhouette:

Beer can bath:

Apu taking it to the next level:

This guy got it the worst!:

We mean all these in good humor. St. Patrick’s Day can be a great time, just be responsible and have fun!

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