Stats on a Wedding Planner Salary and How to Increase It

Are you a wedding planner or aspiring to become one? We previously covered the basics of how to become one, but today it’s time to look at what the average salary of a wedding planner looks like across the nation, see what factors way in the final figures and so on. Besides this deeper look into the key factors and statistics for the wedding planner salary, we will also share a few insider tips on how these earnings can be increased and what can be done to become one of the top paid wedding planners in your business area. [Read more…]

How to Become a Better Employee, How to Become a Better You

Businessman Wearing Cape

Work may not be your life purpose, but it is the place where you spend most of your time. This is why it is very important to enjoy what you are doing, do it well and become a better employee, and thus by doing your job well, win more money. Ultimately, our jobs can greatly affect our attitude, and life, so it is imperative for us to do our best.

Have you ever wondered why teachers put so much passion into their work? Even if their salaries aren’t the best ones, they still work extra hours, help students, and “throw” their weekends away, all for the sake of a new course planning. They do this because they are passionately involved in their work: a good teacher is one that constantly strives to become a better employee. Teaching gives them joy, it fulfills them, and it helps them create a better version of themselves.

The truth is that we spend most of our childhood and adolescence learning new skills and preparing for our lives as adults. In order to contribute to society in “a big way”, we should work with pleasure, and thus be dedicated. Here are three excellent ways to become a better employee, and ultimately, a better version of yourself:

1. Become a Better Employee by Doing the Best You Possibly Can

I have always considered that it doesn’t really matter what your job is, as long as you are doing it right. Clowns, CEOs, scientists, dentists, architects and street sweepers are all members of this society, and if they wouldn’t be doing their job right, the balance of our world would turn to ashes. Obviously, I am referring to a larger scale, but the whole idea is that everybody has a purpose in this world, and we should never be ashamed of our jobs.

On the contrary, we should strive to achieve excellent performance reviews, impeccable attendance, punctuality, and willingness to go the extra mile for what our boss needs. People who are clumsy but dedicated to their work are more valuable than genius employees who don’t really care.

2. Seek Out New Skills

If you are the best sales representative, chances are that you will forever remain the best sales representative in the world. There is no way to evolve and become a better employee if you are already the best at what you are doing. This is why it is important to constantly learn and obtain new skills. Take responsibility of your life, stop being lazy, and try to gain new qualifications, that go beyond your current position. By learning alternative skills, you will gain a broader perspective on the world, and you might also get a promotion. In order to learn new things you can apply for a new school, learn a new language, volunteer or take on temporary projects.

3. Be a Team Player

It is impossible to live life on your own, and this rule also applies to your work. I highly doubt that you are the only employee at your current job, so instead of keeping all your knowledge to yourself, why not share it with your fellow colleagues? If there are many projects that need to be done in the office, why not volunteer to help? Not only will you be giving back to other people, but you will also make new friends who might help you when you need it. These relationships are essential at work, and in life, because there is always something to learn from the person next to you.

These are three of the most important things that you can do to become a better employee and a better you. What do you do at your job in order to become better? Please share your thoughts!