The 5 Best Career Paths for Grads Following Graduation

Recent graduates often have a hard time finding career paths that suit their needs. It can take time to establish a strong resume and to decide on an ideal career path. There are, however, some career opportunities and paths that are more beneficial than others for recent graduates. [Read more…]

New Announcement on the Hillary Clinton College Plan

Earlier this week on Monday (10th of August), State Secretary Hillary Clinton announced her College Compact plan for higher education, a plan which seems to be at the core of her planned reforms, should she get elected. Even if the Hillary Clinton college plan is still in the making and its specific details don’t seem to be too clear yet, it was revealed that it will most likely stand on 4 main pillars that will bring its mission to fruition and support it on the longer run. These four main pillars from Hillary Clinton’s plan are the following: [Read more…]