We All Have 3 Basic Career Paths to Choose. How Do We Decide?

Navigating career paths seems like an overwhelming task nowadays, no matter what professional niche you’re in. There is so much information, opportunities that seem endless but contradictory, a wealth of advice and career coaching that goes in widely different directions, and so on. [Read more…]

Discover Bachelors in Business Administration Jobs and Opportunities

The option to pursue a business administration degree has been a steadily popular one among college applicants over the past decade. Part of this specialization’s appeal to the public lies precisely in its appearance of a degree one could land an important job with. While this assumption isn’t necessarily wrong, the field being quite a valuable and needed one, many graduates find themselves wondering: what can you do with a business administration degree? For those of you wondering the same thing, don’t worry: there are plenty of goof bachelors in business administration jobs on the market, and the median salaries for this profession are also pretty impressive. [Read more…]

Elevate Your Job Search with Personal Branding Techniques

In today’s unstable job market, full of limitations and anxiety (but also full of hope and a few choice opportunities), simply looking for a job or applying for one isn’t enough anymore. While you may have heard of personal branding before and dismissed it as a fancy waste of time, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with this concept: you’re going to need to brand yourself professionally as soon as possible. Few things can be more effective in boosting your career than understanding the mechanism of marketing yourself and applying them correctly. Here is all you need to know, in a nutshell. [Read more…]

Are There Benefits to a Tough Job Interview

When you are looking for a job, your main goal is likely to secure a job as easily and rapidly as possible. A tough job interview may sound like a challenge you are just not interested in facing. Sometimes, those difficult interviews feel like they are challenging for no real reason at all. You might find yourself wondering “did the interviewers ask me tough questions just to see me squirm under pressure?” [Read more…]

Why you Should Take on a Freelance Job While Unemployed

If you get the opportunity of a freelance job or two while not employed elsewhere, you should obviously be happy about it and not turn it down. Unemployment benefits will only go so far (a few months after terminating your last employment), and, also, the larger the gap in your employment history, the harder it will be to explain it at your next interview. Even if a freelance contract job isn’t actually a job (as in traditional employment) per se, it’s still an honourable way to list your previous work experience in front of a recruiter. Not to mention the more than welcome cash flow. [Read more…]

Stats on a Wedding Planner Salary and How to Increase It

Are you a wedding planner or aspiring to become one? We previously covered the basics of how to become one, but today it’s time to look at what the average salary of a wedding planner looks like across the nation, see what factors way in the final figures and so on. Besides this deeper look into the key factors and statistics for the wedding planner salary, we will also share a few insider tips on how these earnings can be increased and what can be done to become one of the top paid wedding planners in your business area. [Read more…]

Use the Economic Recovery to Your Advantage in a Job Search

There are reports of various signs of economic recovery in many financial sectors of both the public and private sector. Is the economy improving, really? All statistics seem to indicate that yes, this is indeed the case. This is potentially good news for job seekers everywhere, since many positions are now ‘thawed’ and employers are hiring again. If you’re looking for a job that finally suits your specialization, or if you’re already employed in a position matching your skills, but you’d still like to access a better one, now is the time. But this improving economy also has its own peculiarities when it comes to an efficient job search, and you could gain more advantages if you know how to navigate it right. [Read more…]

Maximize Your Chances with The Ultimate Job Search To Do List

If the idea of looking for a better job than you currently have is something that’s been on your mind lately, then this post with job hunt tips is definitely for you. The list of suggestions is, of course, also something you should apply if you’re not currently employed and you’re searching for a job from the position of someone who doesn’t have one. But for people striving to find a job while also employed, the pressure to do this after hours and to keep your endeavor still private from your current employer can be quite a lot. This is why your job hunt schedule should be based on a good plan, so that the double pressure doesn’t become too much, and so that you can maximize your chances to win. Here’s how, broken into a job search to do list for each working day. [Read more…]

Top 10 Lowest Paying Majors and Lowest Paying Jobs in America

We all know that our economy of the past few years, despite its improvements, hardly continues to offer a land of opportunity as it once did as far as salaries go. The disappointment from being paid less than you deserve is even greater when you also have a college degree (which would normally increase your pay). Some majors and specializations prove much more disappointing than others in terms of the financial compensation in post-graduation employment. To give you a heads-up, we’ve assembled this top of the lowest paying majors which lead to some of the lowest paying jobs in America requiring a degree. Keep in mind, these are not the worst college majors in our country. We don’t want you to get the impression that these majors are necessarily bad just because our society devalues them and deems them less than useful. Rather, these majors typically lead to the lowest compensation rates. Many of these jobs are actually quite vital to our society as a whole. Personal rewards may have to supersede financial gains. [Read more…]

The Switch Employment App is the New Tinder for Job Hunters


The job recruitment process is about to get a lot easier with Switch, the new employment app that allows employers to review candidates a lot faster and simply swipe right if they’d like to connect with them. The prospective job candidates need to swipe right as well if they’re interested in the job, so the process really works both ways, just like Tinder does for the dating scene. This iOS mobile app also guarantees the user’s anonymity until they decide to connect with the user on the other end of the line. All in all, this just might succeed in changing the employment application process considerably. Let’s take a look at how Switch works and how it could impact employers and prospective employees. [Read more…]