Top Celebrities Net Worth: How Much They Make or are Worth?

Reality TV and all forms of media coverage on the lives of celebrities often provide us with a peek inside the lives of the rich and the powerful (along with celebrities net worth). The type of curious attraction which these lavish displays cast upon the viewer is strange but perfectly normal if you think about it. Whenever we get a glimpse of how rich the rich truly are, we feel more or less amazed, envious, outraged or proud (depending on how we feel about this celebrity in the first place, probably). In order to slightly change our usual topic from the average salaries of the majority towards the shockingly high net worth of celebrities (or at least some of them), we decided to put together this top. [Read more…]

Top 20 Hilarious Ways To Do NOTHING While Wasting Time at Work

We all have those days when we’d rather be doing anything but actual work, but an office job still requires our presence nonetheless. That is why wasting time at work is, shamefully, one of our favorite workplace activities possible. Here are a few novel ideas on how to waste time work-related and appear to your co-workers (and supervisor) to be powering through your work with a busy day. [Read more…]