Twitter Jobs Now Offer a Record Setting Paid Parental Leave

Parental leave is technically a basic human and citizen right, but its paid forms are becoming more and more of a luxury in the current work field. It usually falls on employers whether they want to offer an extended paid parental leave, and since many small and medium companies are already struggling to survive on the harsh market, very few of them are generous in this department. [Read more…]

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Now Includes Spousal Surcharge

The paradise of employer sponsored health insurance for otherwise insured spouses is reaching its end. If up until this moment, the spouse of a well-insured person was happy to enjoy some of the benefits which came from their partner’s health insurance, this won’t be such an affordable option anymore. The newest healthcare trends in the world of insurance business are moving towards making employers refuse to extend their insurance plans to their employee’s spouses, due to a new spousal surcharge. [Read more…]

The 5 Best Career Paths for Grads Following Graduation

Recent graduates often have a hard time finding career paths that suit their needs. It can take time to establish a strong resume and to decide on an ideal career path. There are, however, some career opportunities and paths that are more beneficial than others for recent graduates. [Read more…]

Use the Economic Recovery to Your Advantage in a Job Search

There are reports of various signs of economic recovery in many financial sectors of both the public and private sector. Is the economy improving, really? All statistics seem to indicate that yes, this is indeed the case. This is potentially good news for job seekers everywhere, since many positions are now ‘thawed’ and employers are hiring again. If you’re looking for a job that finally suits your specialization, or if you’re already employed in a position matching your skills, but you’d still like to access a better one, now is the time. But this improving economy also has its own peculiarities when it comes to an efficient job search, and you could gain more advantages if you know how to navigate it right. [Read more…]

New Announcement on the Hillary Clinton College Plan

Earlier this week on Monday (10th of August), State Secretary Hillary Clinton announced her College Compact plan for higher education, a plan which seems to be at the core of her planned reforms, should she get elected. Even if the Hillary Clinton college plan is still in the making and its specific details don’t seem to be too clear yet, it was revealed that it will most likely stand on 4 main pillars that will bring its mission to fruition and support it on the longer run. These four main pillars from Hillary Clinton’s plan are the following: [Read more…]

Texas President Surprises by Negotiating a Lower Salary

It often happens (especially since the financial crisis of the 2000’s) that people criticize what they perceive as unjustifiably large salaries for top positions in public institutions. What noticeably occurs less often is the exact opposite: one of these aforementioned people brings up the issue themselves. Nevertheless, in a shocking move that is still creating ripples across the American academic environment, Gregory Fenves, the incoming University of Texas at Austin president has done just that. His criticism wasn’t contained to an interview or academic paper either. Instead, he broached the subject in the actual talks regarding his remuneration where he decided to break with tradition by negotiating a lower salary. [Read more…]