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IT and computing jobs in general are among the best rated and hunted positions on the employment market, both in the country and overseas. In order to become an IT person, whether that’s a computer engineer or a software developer, you need to have a lot of different skills (technical, mathematical, imaginative, creative, security-oriented skills and so on), as well as quite an impressive resourcefulness to make it all work in your favor. It may seem a complicated and rather mysterious trade to the laymen (by this term we obviously mean anyone who works outside the IT field), but it’s the way the entire world works at this moment. Both corporations and public institutions, as well as countless other types of organizations and groups are vitally dependent on a solid computer network, cloud services, specialized software, the internet itself and so on. It would be redundant to argue this further, because the well-known truth is that computer specialists make the world go round. Out of all the computer-related occupations out there, the position of a solutions architect is one of the most novel ones. Let’s find out more about what this job means and its specifications.

Overview of a Solutions Architect Salary

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) hasn’t released official data about how much a solutions architect earns. The second best authority on the matter, Payscale*, approximated that an average solutions architect salary is just under $112,000 per year ($111,923 to be more exact). The minimum amounts earned by these professionals revolve around $79,000 per year, while the maximum amounts can stretch to $169,000 per year. These sums are calculated to also include the common bonuses received by solutions architects, as well as profit sharing revenues as well. Things keep sounding better and better, isn’t it? These bonuses which a solution architect salary can be topped with can go up to $27,000 and profit sharing earnings can also peak at around $21,000. These figures and numbers have all been updated in June 2015, so they’re as up to date as it gets.

Earnings Factors of a Solutions Architect Salary

There are also some other factors that can influence a solutions architect salary for the better or worse (usually for the better). The first such earnings factor is, obviously, the levels of on the job experience. The more you advance in the position of an architect, the more your salary base is likely to increase. It would be reasonable to expect your salary to double once you accumulate at least 5 years of experience on the job (or 10 in the worst case scenario), especially as your managing and supervising skills also accumulate within the department.

The second earnings factor for this profession’s salary is the industry in which the solutions architect is employed in. Working in government positions is reportedly able to lower your salary with as much as 20% compared to similar positions in large corporations.

Solutions Architect Job Description

So, what does a Solutions Architect job description actually entail? In any set of problems, a crisis, or simply a matter of tasks which need handling, a set of functional requirements is defined by the team in charge with analyzing the problems at hand. The solutions architects come into play by helping design and build a complex systems of solutions which optimally solve the issues by matching each task or problem with its technological solving or aide. They help prove that for each issue which an organization is confronted with, there is also an appropriate technical approach that can help them stay on top of it. The very core of performing this job is to ensure the envisioned solutions are then organized and built in a complex structure of technological architecture and design (this is what the building part is all about). In day to day activities, an architect is a de facto leader of the organization’s development team. They also need to have a thorough understanding of the overall business environment, since they need to carefully balance the limits and concerns of the project (or problem) in question, with the more general concerns and limits of the company’s interests.

Solutions Architect Job Outlook

The prospects for this new and top-notch position look exceptionally good in this job market. Even if the architect job is rather new on the market, corporations and organizations everywhere are have actually just come up with a name for something they had needed for a long time. The solutions architect job outlook is projected at a 30% increase** over the next few years. Still, even if a lot of such jobs will be created soon, the field will obviously be as competitive as it can get. The professionals competing for a position as an architect will be the top trained people in computing science and related fields and their CVs will be as long and impressive as you can imagine. Getting one of these jobs will be as difficult as it will be rewarding.

Solutions Architect Education Requirements

In order to qualify for a solutions architect job, you only need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or in the field of software engineering. In some cases, any bachelor’s degree in a related computing field can be admissible too, as long as it is accompanied by the necessary skills. You can also obtain a certification (some programs even grant such certifications without exams, just by submitting a resume with skills, much like a portfolio). In addition to IT skills, it is important for the aspiring solutions architect to also acquire some communications skills (perhaps even with a minor chosen in the field). Also, a master’s degree in the same IT field doesn’t hurt when fulfilling the Solutions Architect education requirements.

Besides the formal educations requirements, some job experience (ideally between 5 and 10 years) is also required before you can reasonably apply for this position. Good choices for the fields in which to accumulate this job experience would be information technology systems, software architecture or network architecture.


* Numeric data presented about the solutions architect salaries are obtained from Payscale.

** According to

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