The Top 5 Worst Paying Companies in the US


Hark back to this summer, when a mob of fast-food industry workers all across the United States took to the streets, demanding to be paid better: they were asking for decent working conditions, a $15/hour salary, as well as the right to form unions. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t get any of their demands met. And this in a country where statistics say 4.7 per cent of all workers are receiving less than the $7.25/hour minimum wage. If you want to know whom to steer clear of, here are the top 5 worst paying companies in the US, according to a chart drawn up by 24/7 Wall St.

5. Yum Brands Inc.

They are the company responsible for some of the most popular fast-food brands across the US and the entire world, yet this hasn’t prevented them for ranking as one of the worst paying companies in the US. The business behind Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut employs an estimated 700k workers, and makes $13.6 bln in revenue each year, of which the net income is $1.6 bln. The company CEO took home over $14 million in compensation last year – yet their employees were among those who took to the street this year.

4. Kroger

The Kroger company is behind a massive chain of stores across the United States, which includes Kroger, City Market, and Dillons. Its revenue has been estimated at $96.8 bln and it employs 343k people in 2,418 locations in the US. Its CEO received $11.1 million in compensation last year. More recently, company officials gave in to union demands for workers in Virginia and Texas, as to improve working conditions and salaries. For the time being, though, it still ranks as one of the worst paying companies in the US.

3. Target

Undoubtedly, Target is one of the most popular companies in the United States and it’s not doing that poorly in financial terms either. Its CEO received $20.6 million in compensation last year, while the company’s revenue stands at $73.3 bln, with $3.0 bln in net income. However, of its 361k workers in the US (at 1,778 stores), the cashiers are said to be making less than $9 per hour. In 2012, Target famously chose to open its stores on Thursday, in order to get a head start on Black Friday, in turn prompting over 300k people sign a petition aimed at saving Thanksgiving.

2. McDonald’s

The world-renowned corporation is said to employ well over 700k people at its more than 14k stores across the United States. Last year, its CEO took home $13.8 million, with company revenue standing at $27.6 billion and a net income of $5.5 billion. Yet in spite of all this, many McDonald’s employees are making less than the $9 per hour which stood as the median salary in the food industry as of 2012. In fact, they’re making minimum wage, whether they work behind the cash register or in the kitchens. McDonald’s actually encourages its employees to apply for food stamps and welfare!

1. The uncrowned king of the worst paying companies in the US: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart employs 1.4 million people at almost 4,800 stores across America. Its net income stands at $17 bln out of a revenue of $469 bln. Online sources say Wal-Mart employees make as little as under $9 per hour, but the company won’t admit to this: they say full-time hourly wages stand at $12.83 per hour. In November this year, numerous Wal-Mart employees started a protest in Los Angeles over their very low wages – they were, predictably enough, arrested for sitting down in the middle of the road. In 2012, Wal-Mart’s net income saw an increase up to $17 billion.

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  1. Bill tarbox says

    I’ve worked over 10 years in the restaurant industry (including 5 years in management) . But since I don’t have the paperwork to PROVE this I get paid 7.55 per hr. Even if I prove my experience I will only paid 10.50. My union NEEDES to STEP up AND REP me. IS not WHY I PAY dues!

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